The Fear Response

Beware of arrogance, lest your gods teach you humility (and trust me, they will). Fear. I think we can all agree that fear rarely brings out the best in people. This is also true when interacting with others in spiritual communities. Keep in mind that most arguments occur in these communities are ultimately fear based. […]

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The Divine Vs. The Ego

Discernment…we hear that word a lot in spirituality oriented circles these days. Why is it important? It’s not that we want you to question your ability to hear divine guidance, we simply want you to receive the messages you’re getting accurately, so that you can better receive the information that will truly help you. Knowledge […]

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Ragnarok and Roll

I realize that I have yet to even write an introductory blog regarding who I am and what it is exactly, that I believe….but I’ll get there. For years I have been wrestling with some very annoying insecurities regarding my writing as well as merely being allowed to have a voice. So, this is difficult […]

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